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New and Refurbished Units Available

We offer the leading UV spot cure systems on the market! Whether you're looking for a traditional Mercury arc lamp spot cure system or a new cutting edge UV LED spot cure, we have got you covered.

We offer numerous UV spot cure systems, making it easy to find the right one for your application. Our UV spot cure options include:

We offer new UV spot cure systems, refurbished spot cure systems, and rental systems to suit your needs!


druv-01-led small.jpg

The DoctorUV Solid State LED UV Light uses high powered UV LEDs as a light source for curing adhesives, coatings, and more. It is ideal for medical manufacturing and PCB manufacturing, and can cure UV repair resins for 3D printing models.


efos 100ss+ small.jpg

EFOS, later known as EXFO, created some of the most dependable UV spot cure systems on the market. Many EFOS systems share the simple yet robust design as their famed Ultracure 100 SS+ system. DOCTORUV.COM offers service and spares for these systems.


greenspot small.jpg

High performance 100 watt solid state power supply 

  • Digital shutter timer with footswitch
  • Dual fan cooling system
  • Digital bulb life hour meter
  • Manual-robotic shutter interface switch
  • Standard 5mm x 1000mm liquid filled light guide

This package comes complete with new light guide, new footswitch, power cord, new lamp reflector assembly and new safety glasses.

    *Also available NEW!


spectrum 100.jpg

These high output systems are preferred by many operators due to their ease of use.

The Spectrum 100 precision UV spot cure system employs premium mercury short-arc lamps instead of mercury halide bulbs. Short arc lamps provide a much higher UV output than halides, which primarily emit visible light. Stainless steel construction makes it durable enough for demanding applications, and a ≈2,000 hour-life bulb provides long operational life.

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