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Validate your process!

Is your UV curing system performing as well as when the lightguide and lamp were new? The only effective way to ensure your lamp and lightguide are performing well is to check the intensity. The lamp and lightguide are the heart of your UV curing system and it is very important to check the intensity at least once a day. Don't be caught by surprise without lamp and lightguide spares on hand. When you have an intensity meter you can predict with better accuracy the time to reorder spare lamps and lightguides.

EIT UV Measurement: Materials




We recommend the Model SP-365.

EIT SPOTCURE model # SP365 UV Intensity Meter is a self contained, electro-optic instrument designed to measure and display the intensity emitted by a UV spot curing system.
The Spotcure covers the spectral ranges of 320-390nm. Includes carrying case and adapters for 3mm, 5mm and 8mm lightguides.



Single Channel high energy UV integrating radiometer measures both peak output watts per cm² and UV total dosage in joules/ cm² - for use in establishing optimum curing energy in UV curing applications.

EIT UV Measurement: Features
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